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2015:issue 35

Mentally I am on a beach somewhere. Physically the packers are crawling around my house 'like locusts' putting my life in a mountain of boxes for the summer. Oh the Joys of a house move (with no forwarding address in sight). Hence the need for that fictional beach on which to plonk myself.

In a fit of that on-trend mindfulness, I am pretending the packed suitcase is for some short-term jaunt not the foreseeable future. And I have fuelled my fictional journeys with research that the pleasure-seeking reader can call upon too. Need a cool coastal bolthole? I'm your woman.

We've a dedicated section on seaside gadding-about in this edition complete with need-to-know information such as how to grill mackerel on your beach barbecue. where to find lobster to snack on by the sea and pinpointing cool coastal gaffs.

We welcome back the lovely Debrah Dhugga with her guide to hip hotels and we say hello to our new posh pooch on the beat. Alfie! So more than ever Luxe will be perfect for a sit-back summer read — our chat with Jonas Gutierrez is inspiring and heart-warming — and the planned Spiderman Ball in his honour is definitely one to pop In the diary for November.

Whatever your footballing allegiance, the cause — awareness of testicular cancer — is a worthy one and we've teamed up with Jonas, his North East footballing friends and the charity Bellboys to support the event. If every Luxe reader was to donate just £1 than a Mighty £20,000 towards research, awareness and support.

Hope you can help.

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Kathryn Armstrong
Editor, Luxe