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Wednesday 17 September 2014 | 6:31pm

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 Issue 29 front cover

2014:issue 29

It’s been a swoony few weeks in luxe land - is it possible to have a crush on a house? On our fashion pages you’ll understand what I mean - we spent some very lovely hours at The Pavilion near Berwick on a shoot - and for a while pretending this James Bond palace of a place was ours to keep. The pictures are amazing - starring lovely Ashley Gittins who was crowned Miss Newcastle earlier this year.

On the subject of crushes, think I’ve got a bit of one on Jim Kerr. I remember seeing Simple Minds a couple of decades back (ouch)... I didn’t forget about him so talking to him about his luxe things in life was something of a luxe thing in mine - we’re both getting on a bit so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that a significant topic of conversation was Radio Four and holidays in Italy, very rock and roll.

Richard Kilty’s life has definitely gone into the realm of stadium stardom; you’ll be seeing a lot of him over the next few weeks as the Commonwealth Games kick in. His story is the stuff of dreams and he really deserves to enjoy the success - give him a cheer.

We’re nicely settled into summer so we’ve also got a lot of lovely ideas for food and flowers to help you enjoy summer to the max - hope yours is smashing and that you enjoy looking at luxe from the comfort of a designer deckchair.

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Kathryn Armstrong
Editor, Luxe