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 Issue 31 front cover

2014:issue 31

So I’ve had phase one of Christmas - the October version. A bit of fizz (rude not to), much sparkle and a garden’s-worth of foliage.Recall the Indian summer, spilling over into early October and then picture us tatting about with armfuls of Christmas in its different guises as we prepared our various features and photoshoots for you.

Thus, we proudly present an abundance of inspiration served up with the trademark luxe cheer. We’ve jazzed up a pele tower, cooked some lobster, made some macarons and sampled some eye-wateringly festive liqueurs. This all in the name of cranking up the Crimbo cheer with ideas for gifts you can make and give if you’ve got some time on your hands and a creative bone in your body.

If you haven’t, don’t despair, we’ve got some good buy-me gift ideas too - handy pages for you to casually leave out with a ‘want this’ Post-it note attached. And we’ve enlisted the help of a Teen Luxe as well as our Little Luxe to ensure that you get it right when you’re shopping for the tricky people! Or, if you want a run-away moment we’ve found some truly cool houses to escape to, if not for Christmas itself then the days surrounding.

Can’t say that it was a devil of a day drooling over those pages in the name of research.So we wish you much winter cheer and hope you have the time to sit back with a small sherry (it’s very on-trend) and leaf through our luxey pages.

We’ll be with you again in 2015, looking forward to that.

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Kathryn Armstrong
Editor, Luxe