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 Issue 32 front cover

2015:issue 32

Hope this doesn't disappoint but in the true spirt of Luxe, we bring you abundance not abstinence to start 2015.For us a case of start as you mean to go on? You won't find magic diets or a call for self-restraint; we like to think that Luxe readers are switched on enough to know that the way to a feel-good February (and the rest) has more to do with a realistic luxe-life balance.

So read on for the treats which include chat with Mary Berry (who NEVER eats a second slice) and some fabulous wintry-goodness recipes from our favourite kitchen folk, who really do make sense of seasonal foodstuffs. February is of course the month of love for some, in our case for love read chocolate and dip in to some inspiring, indulgent recipes (see, no abstinence here).

If you're about to throw your energies into a bit of home decoration then there are some good people to inspire you in here, whether your look is shabby, vintage or something a bit more slick. Rebecca Tappin found inspiration rooting through rubbish dumps that turned out to be full of glorious Georgian glass bottles, so there's a thought to get you delving in to your garden's darkest corners.

However you plan to spend your winter days and nights, we hope Luxe features, by inspiring you or just offering a bit of flick-through relaxation.

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Kathryn Armstrong
Editor, Luxe