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 Issue 36 front cover

2015:issue 36

The barbecue embers are barely cold (if you actually managed one this so-called summer), you’re desperately moisturising the last hints of that holiday suntan and you keep grabbing a euro rather than a pound coin for the supermarket trolley.

It’s a new term for all of us whether school features in your life or not - though it will have been tiresomely brought into focus if you’ve had to endure a back-to-school shoes queue.

I’m quite a fan of the solidity, routine and casserole-pleasures of autumn and dark nights, you know where you are: no need to take clothing for every eventuality every time you walk out of the door like you do in summer.

So with a new pencil case on the desk we introduce our new starters - Darren and Chris who will be talking interiors and gardens (see right). And your homework is a dip into our rather fabulous Travel Essentials magazine. It’s definitely an A* read for the dark nights.

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Kathryn Armstrong
Editor, Luxe