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 Issue 36 front cover

2015:issue 37

Currently the desk in front of me is home to some artisan gin, a chunky tub of cashews and a bottle of whisky. Eyes right to some furry earmuffs and left to something in jazzy wrapping paper.

We’re developing the knack of having a gourmet cheese straw or some such artisan pastry within reach at all times.

All I need now is a candle to let me inhale the seasonal vapours then we can consider our Christmas done and dusted and get ready to play it for real.

You may find yourself craftily inspired after reading through this edition of Luxe. Festive muffins to bake for Christmas morning, a dazzling rustic-chic wreath to pamper your door and I bet you will be dashing out to get your hands on a stencil roller and brown paper once you’ve seen Jane Day’s magical touch with them.

You can go as far as you like with the ‘I made it myself’ Christmas - I don’t do the cooking thing but I like to wrap with gusto in the company of a sherry and a schmaltzy festive CD.

The food pleasures I will leave to the new Food Hall at Fenwick.

My God, Christmas joy to all!

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Kathryn Armstrong
Editor, Luxe