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Saturday 19 April 2014 | 11:46pm

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Issue 26 front cover

2014:issue 27

I have a bit of colleague-envy. Much as I love mine you can't really compete with Maimie McCoy can you? Our cover star is currently smouldering, spying and conniving in the TV series The Musketeers on Sunday nights. She is forced to spend her days amidst the four strapping, floppy-haired, leather-clad Musketeers.

Tough job as they say. Not that North Yorkshire's Maimie is admitting it is anything other than a riot of fun. And let's hope that later in the year when she gets married near Yarm she will bring with her the ultimate guard of honour, ideally complete with leathers. Sure her groom would approve.

So our Luxe is full of great springtime stuff and it's been cheery to put together as we get to grips with all manner of green shoots - from new restaurant openings to fresh and flowery fashion. Mother's Day is looming so we had some fun getting mums and daughters to talk about their wardrobe habits - whether it's a case of swap and share or ‘get off, it's mine!"

I specially liked and identified with the mum who can't stand the trauma of the trip to dingy Hollister; we've all been there, grappling with those phone-torches just to read the tags. Give me Fenwick any day.

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Happy Easter

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Kathryn Armstrong
Editor, Luxe