Friday 3 July 2015 | 11:18pm

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2015:issue 34

I'm writing this the day after the big fat shake-up that was Election 2015. Deadline day and an irresistible political thrills TV all-nighter aren't really a recommended combination. Should have gone to bed but got sucked into the drama of Jeremy's swing-o-meter and the pathos of defeat speeches.

So after about two hours of shuteye, today has been fuelled by serious amounts of caffeine and a discreet dab of miracle eye-bag cream. It was made for election night, I kid you not. Bet Dimbleby had a stash under his desk.

So whilst thoughts are of democracy and debate, how about we bring you a manifesto of our own. Ours is guaranteed to bring out the feel-good factor for summer. It says a yes to an investment in self for a start. Give yourself time to sit back and enjoy the good things in your life.

Food lovers will be raving about the great new seafood set-up in Amble, lured to stove or barbecue by some mouth-watering recipes. Culture vultures can tick the box of choice from a line-up of fine summer candidates.

Our big-hitter is the fantastic Food Trail supplement: hop in the car, campervan or train carriage and take a taste tour from York to Edinburgh. Sunny days and delicious food get everyone's vote.

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Kathryn Armstrong
Editor, Luxe